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The major stars, however, like Veronica Hart, Annette Haven, John Leslie, Richard Pacheco, seemed to be more grounded and professional in their approach to the industry.

One thing I did glean from this thread is the existence of the "Rialto Report. You had normal everyday people going to see it because it was such an event. Milf hunter violet. Debbie does dallas nude pics. Feminist views on pornography Religious views on pornography.

I think Kevin is really dead sadly. You must be one helluva sleuth! His sister Amber Lynn can be a nasty bitch a lot of the time.

R Mostly the producers and distributors got rich. Erik had a lot of respect for Wade as a person and as an actor. Feedjit Live Blog Stats. That's why John Holmes was such a superstar. Georgina Spelvin and Wade Nichols are especially great in the movie, and even though it's a comedy, the ending is very touching, thanks to Georgina's and Nichols' excellent portrayals.

Unfortually, I heard he was not the most open minded about gay people. R Debbie Does Dallas was released at the height of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders craze, so it capitalized on the fantasies of many horny straight dudes who lusted after those jiggling girls on Sunday afternoons. Big brother 8 nude. I do feel bad that Linda Lovelace had such a difficult life and tragic end, but she I think if she had been honest and owned her choices, she would have had more respect from the public in her later years.

She changed her stories several times over the years. Posted by Kenneth M. R80 There are rumors that Kevin James is still alive and faked his death like Lisa De Leeuw did so he could exit the industry and start a new life.

It probably had more to do with fear of Antisemitism as most actors with "Jewishy" names changed them. Her ex husband Bud Lee got the word out that it was all a hoax pretty fast. I think that's also why Marilyn Chambers also returned to porn. It would be interesting to hear that one, she avoided talking about her porn career after she achieved some success in the music industry.

How did you verify this guy is the real Ron Hudd? Harry could be pretty good in certain types of roles. Her meteoric success in the Golden Age of Porn and later disappearance intrigued adult industry writers and caused interest in her whereabouts, and a myth about her having met a sordid fate several years after her heyday began to be accepted as fact. Bolla is a very good actor. He's been through some very difficult times personally, and he had a crazy ex-wife who pretty much ruined his life.

Sadly she ended up nearly broke before she died in a trailer park. He never judged any of his former co-stars and seem very fond of many of them. Nude photos jackie kennedy. Candida Royalle said Chuck got very mad at her when she outed him as being gay in an interview she did and he wouldn't hire her for any of his movies after that. I agree - a Rialto Report interview with her would be fun.

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Guess he didn't have the patience to pursue a mainstream career.

He was a control freak over Thora and her career and played a big part in ruining her career. Although, the actor does have quite a few nude pics out there that can be easily googled. Free lesbian porn sucking tits. Summer is ready when you are. Matthew's Island of Misfit Toys: Nope, I had no idea what Cosmo was talking about. Debbie does dallas nude pics. He's trying to be so butch with two bats, but that ascot screams "nope". She cut off all contact with people in porn and had even changed her name and they still managed to track her down.

She's asked God for forgiveness, yet she talks about her past with such glowing pride, and only has the best memories of doing porn. He had a bad experience with a largely SAG cast on Preppies, also had various SAG fines, he mostly used the adult stars and other non-SAG actors he was familiar with without the drama from then on. R74 I remember reading how she was homeless in SF when she passed away.

Sorry you were rejected by Nichols and never got your own acting career off the ground. She's probably one of the people who should've never done porn, but couldn't turn down the quick, easy money.

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But it's likely he would have gone no further in the mainstream. Korean young girl fuck. Paul Simon book looks at complex life of legend as his showbiz days wind down. No it made more. He did a scene in Midnight Desire where he takes a strap on. R Buck had a nice body and was well-liked by his peers in porn. I don't think he has any surviving family or close friends to take care of him.

The Devil in Miss Jones was a bit hit the box office too. I don't think he touched the tranny, though. Jennifer Welles seems like a very fun person. Amanda fuller nude photos. We live in hope. On top of all that, he is a bad diabetic and has trouble keeping it in control. Either way, it's a respectable dandruff stopper. He could've successfully brought Hart and other adult stars into the mainstream permanently. Harry Reems was very handsome. V Live's owner, Damon Cobbstells us no one was hurt, and he's happy his security prevented the incident from escalating.

All I know is that the story had something to do with him messing around with a woman, a widow, I think, who kept a diary of it.


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