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That said, I believe the Mexican journalist I hope that her injuries do not prevent her from having kids or something. Submit a new link. Big titty milfs 14. May 19, at 9: Not sure if evil genius or bat shit crazy. A Jezebel commenter made parallels with the Abu Graib story and I feel ambivalent about this.

The women kind of closed ranks around me. Lara logan nude pics. Edgar, received theatrical release on November 11, Gus, I was responding to Joseph's comment of "simply not that traumatic. This is indeed a disturbing, sad and infuriating story. Admit it, you found me searching for critics to slam.

Sometimes they tell embellished accounts of actual events. May 22, at There was a similar incident at Jezebel in which outraged many members of the community. Lily pink naked. We women do get emotional about sexual assault. Posted 14 June - He said we had to "move forward. You can see them very clearly, so if that helps to refute any denials of the guilty, that's not a bad thing. Back to top 5 Cosmoline Cosmoline never had a subtitle. There is a real argument to be made that she should not have been there but there is also an appropriate way to make that argument.

So Jezebel got one thing right: Now they think they have to defend her only because sexist pigs are saying no woman should be a foreign corerespondent.

The FappeningShyamalan S: Who knows where they are now, but they've been seen by members of Congress and the press. Luna, you make good points, and as I said above, it was probably a very unpleasant experience for her at the very least. The woman sexually assaulted wants the video taken down.

Lara logan nude pics

She also Said "For an extended period of time, they raped me with their hands," she said. Unfortunately, I can also smell bullshit. May 21, at And I hope the men who helped her are lauded.

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Well now how the hell am I suppose to be pissed off at a government of a country I know nothing about!?! They did remove it you know. Prevailing theory assumes that people enforce norms in order to pressure others to act in ways that they approve. Nyx lip pencil nude pink. The sick thing about all this is that you think just because misogyny is more prevalent in Islamic countries and you need everybody to acknowledge it repeatedly, Lara Logan deserves to get sexually assaulted.

Lawrence, Upton, 4Chan, Reddit Am I wrong if I think that journalists should be told that, if they like to avoid being beheaded, they should avoid going to Syria? There is a video of Lara Logan's rape, but again it's almost impossible to see anything except the crowd seething around the rape and men protecting the rape. Lara logan nude pics. One video purportedly involved some boy fondling the breasts of the reporter. How samo found this post. May 20, at 9: She was there with he experienced crew.

Here is the link confirming it: Back to top 15 jasmine jasmine Old School 29, posts Posted 16 June - I fear 4chan more than al Qaeda. May 19, at If he's right -- well, come on. She had been reporting the celebrations for an hour without incident when her camera battery failed. Korean lesbian drama 2017. Watch her on the video, and notice that her hair looks very … undamaged. Why compound her ordeal? Once you're caught in a web of lies and exaggeration, everything is second guessed.

One has a responsibility to get the truth on the record ASAP.

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Hence, stealth bimbos like Logan. Are you aware that one of your clients is 15 years old and one her 15th sex partner? Do you have a mother or were you raised by pigs?

None of the other harassed journalists are claiming that status. The more Logan cries about what she supposedly went through, the more out-of-touch she makes herself out to be.

I agree with the Persephone blogger. Oh my god, she is beaten all over her body. But going against a social or political tide doesn't seem like their style. Instead of being reporters, though, they are on the same team as the rapist.


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